Let go your worries

We are busy with the luxury of things.
Their number and multiple faces bring
To us confusion we call knowledge. Say:
God created the world, pinned night to day,
Made mountains to weigh it down, seas
To wash its face, living creatures with pleas
(The ancestors of prayers) seeking a place
In this mystery that floats in endless space.
God set the earth on the back of a bull,
The bull on a fish dancing on a spool
Of silver light so fine it is like air;
That in turn rests on nothing there
But nothing that nothing can share.
All things are but masks at God’s beck and call,
They are symbols that instruct us that God is all.

A Star Without a Name

When a baby is taken from the wet nurse,

it easily forgets her

and starts eating solid food.

Seeds feed awhile on ground,

then lift up into the sun.

So you should taste the filtered light

and work your way toward wisdom

with no personal covering.

That’s how you came here, like a star

without a name.  Move across the night sky

with those anonymous lights.

(Mathnawi III, 1284-1288)

Let go of your worries

and be completely clear-hearted,

like the face of a mirror

that contains no images.

If you want a clear mirror,

behold yourself

and see the shameless truth,

which the mirror reflects.

If metal can be polished

to a mirror-like finish,b

what polishing might the mirror

of the heart require?

Between the mirror and the heart

is this single difference:

the heart conceals secrets,

while the mirror does not.


Turkish – Baris Manco – Can bedenden cikmayinca


Erkan Oğur & İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu – Seher Yeli

Huzur verici music

Musa EROĞLU- Mihriban

5 Dec 2008 Exhibition opening

Exhibition Opening Night.

2008 Woodford Festival

2008 Woodford Festival

THURS Folklorica – Türkü & Kurd Muzîk 2:30 PM
MON Folklorica – Music of Bliss and Solitude 10:00 AM
TUE Folklorica – The Turkish Ney 9:00 AM
WED Folklorica – The Mystical Quest 2:00 PM
WED Folklorica – Sacred New Year 10:55 PM

Feridun at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Feridun Avar Performing with Saz (Turkish lute)

feridun Avar Performing Powerhouse Brisbane

Feridun’s music with EthnoSuperLounge

Message of Hope concert

Message of Hope concert. King George Square Brisbane.